3 Week Diet Plan System Review

3 week diet planThere are many problems that we may have to deal with in life but one that is common for many people is having a difficulty losing weight. In fact, most people tend to struggle on an ongoing basis, losing a few pounds here and there but never really being able to take it off and keep it off. The 3 Week Diet Plan can help.

To be certain, there are many different diet and exercise programs available.  Some show some promise and others are better left on the shelf. In this article, we will take a look at the 3 week diet. Is it able to live up to its claims and is it something that can help you to finally lose the weight and maintain that weight loss for the rest of your life?

As an overview, the three-week diet plan is a scientific-based diet that is specifically designed to melt away stubborn body fat in only 21 days. Some of the people who tried the diet were able to achieve phenomenal results. One woman, for example, was able to drop 21 pounds using the three-week diet! There are also many other testimonials available on the website. If you have the determination and stick with the diet from the beginning to the end, you can also achieve results that are beyond your expectations.

3 week diet plan

What Is the 3 Week Diet?

Brian Flatt created the 3 week diet plan. He has a degree in biology and is also a health coach, nutritionist and the owner of REV Fitness. After more than 10 years of research, he was able to come up with this diet plan. When you first look at it, it may be somewhat simplistic in nature but the fact is, it really works.

There are 3 separate components to the diet plan and you will need to incorporate each of them if you want to see the greatest results possible. The first, and most important for many people, is the diet plan itself. The plan is split down into several major parts that take place during the 21 days. We will cover those different parts of the diet plan in this article as well.

Another factor, the exercise is covered in great detail. Research has shown that modifying your diet is the best way to lose weight but when you add the proper exercise plan along with it, the results can be amazing. Finally, he covers the mindset that is necessary to stick with the diet. This section of the diet plan is an excellent way for you to gain the motivation and willpower to stick to it.

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4 Phases of the 3 Week Diet Plan

The diet plan can be separated into 4 phases that take part over the course of three weeks. Each of these has its own specific purpose but they work in conjunction with each other to help achieve the greatest weight loss possible.

First Phase

This phase of the diet, which runs from the first until the seventh day, is where the magic begins. You can expect to lose up to 10 pounds or perhaps even more within the first week of the diet. The amount of weight that you lose may vary from one individual to another, but you are guaranteed to lose weight if you stick to it.

The plan doesn’t leave anything to question. The plan specifies detailed information on all of the different types of food you are allowed to eat.  Don’t worry, there is plenty of food there to keep you happy and satisfied.

Second Phase

During the second phase of the diet, you will fast for 24 hours. This fast is not as difficult as what you may think because it runs from dinner one evening until dinner the next. You are able to get a good meal in every day. This 24 hour fast results in a detox and helps to rev up your fat burning for the rest of the diet.

Third Phase

You will eat an assigned amount of calories during days 9 through 11. The portions will consist of 80% of the calories coming from fat. The diet plan is a high-fat, low-calorie diet. It helps to keep your weight loss at a high level. Like the rest of the diet, you have a comprehensive menu. It’s not difficult to stick to it.

Fourth Phase

The diet regulates you with what you were eating during the first 14 days of the diet. Toward the end of the fourth phase, you will begin to eat what most people would consider being normal food. During the fourth phase of the diet, you will continue to lose weight.  You can continue to adjust your BMR to continue to achieve your weight loss goals.

Exercise and Motivation

There is also an exercise program and a motivational guide included in the 3 week diet plan. You can do the workout at home, and it really only includes 4 very basic exercises. It is important to stick with the exercises because they can make a difference in your weight loss.

3 week diet plan

This diet plan is easy to follow and if you follow it, you will see great results. The diet plan includes everything needed for your success. The only thing you need to do is to follow the plan and love the new you.  No doubt you will follow the 3 week diet plan. For more information click here.